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We are driven with the principle of the Word of God in 2 Timothy 2:2 "And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others."

HODSIM men fellowship programs and activities are to educate, consolidate and unify Christian men. Many men admit that they lack understanding of God's Word, especially as it applies to specific aspects of daily living. Since men are to help stabilize the church, developing a solid men ministry is a major benefit to the Body of Christ.

Certain men live primarily for their job/income, and are caught in the world's treadmill, endeavoring to support their families, habits and hobbies, and to purchase cars and other material items. Even so, many get bored and become dissatisfied with work, recreation, and even with church involvement. Others live in quiet frustration and unhappiness, isolated from meaningful, personal relationships with other Christian men. When that happens, men become vulnerable to the three areas of sin--lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life.

For many reasons, it's important that HODSIM establish a solid men ministry. Through programs that have strong leadership and a clear mission, we believe in the cooperate vision of HODSIM to; Love the unlovable, reach unreachable and touch the untouchable. We believe that a man should;

1.Become the priest of their homes
2.Lead their families according to the Bible
3.Enjoy fellowship with Christian brothers
4.Become accountable and vulnerable
5.Instruct their children on the ways of God
6.Get involved and committed in the HODSIM church
7.Utilise their God-given gifts
8.Establish and maintain good work ethics

Our objective is to build a group of men with Bible studies designed to strengthen them in the faith, emphasizing  important Biblical subjects, as well as current topics such as personal integrity, Christian character, relationships, marriage, sex, fathering, financial management, leadership qualities, being an effective witness and overcoming strongholds. Men activities are organized and coordinated for the purpose of fun and fellowship, such as games (football, volleyball) and work days, either church-related work or serving a family that cannot afford to hire help.
HODSIM men fellowship have two major types of events:

1. Breakfast Gatherings: This usually include a short, inspirational message, a meal and fellowship.

2. Weekend Workshops: Weekend workshops (retreats, seminars, conferences) are life changing and bring men to new heights of commitment and resolve. Our Workshops require a great deal of planning and coordination, and generally occurs on an annual basis. In addition, a competent keynote speaker provides the inspiration and the challenge for the weekend. With the committee  and other church leaders sharing ideas, coordinating events and delegating tasks. Our aim is to establish and build a solid men ministry. Teamwork and participation are required to provide an atmosphere where men can openly share and allow the Word of God and fellowship to soften their hearts and cause positive change.