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Bishop Joseph Warui

Hodsim President and Overseer.

About US

Bishop Joseph Warui was born and raised in Kenya and began preaching at age fifteen.  He assumed his first pastorate position at age nineteen.Today, he  serves as the Senior Pastor for House of Divine Solution International Ministry [HODSIM], a growing global, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual congregation located in the South West of London. He is also a founder of other branches in Africa with their headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

He is the founder and president of Hour of Solution TV, which encompasses weekly national and international television broadcasts.  Currently more than 250 million homes have access to House of Solution TV broadcasts throughout England, North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. He often hosts national conferences and crusades throughout the year in London and targeted cities in Africa and USA.These  mega crusades draw thousands of believers and non-believers alike to share in the apostolic, prophetic, and healing ministry of Bishop Warui by the grace of God.

Bishop Warui serves as the Secretary General of Trans Atlantic Alliance of Churches ( TAPAC) where he was consecrated to the bishopric in 2004. Tapac is an interdenominational fellowship which builds a reputation as a force for reconciliation and harmony across ethnic, denominational, generational, and geographical lines.

Bishop Warui is a teacher of magnanimous proportions who presents revelatory insight into the kingdom of God.  As such, he has coined several literary works that reach believers at any stage in their walk with God, as well as non-believers who want more than what their life is currently offering. Among his other accolades, Bishop Warui is the author of the best motivational books in England, Empowered to Overcome and The Sovereign God. These books have reached many in prisons, hospitals and in different nations. His desire is to see these books translated in mote that 20,000 dialects all over the world.

Bishop Joseph and the first Lady, Rev Catherine Njuguna are blessed with two anointed boys.